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Sarah + Chip's Mountain Wedding

The Vineyards at Betty's Creek // Sylva, North Carolina

When Sarah and Chip first reached out to us, we knew right away that we were a perfect fit to tell their story.  They expressed overwhelming excitement to marry one another and share that moment with their family and friends, and wanted that story told authentically and personally.  Once we met them, we were enamored with the love and joy that they radiate.

This film makes us cry and laugh endlessly.  Sarah and Chip's wedding weekend at The Vineyards at Betty's Creek was full of countless unforgettable moments!  They read letters to one another during their first touch, and wrote personal vows that they shared during their gorgeous ceremony in the vineyard by the creek.  We also filmed their rehearsal dinner, where friends and family poured out their love to Sarah and Chip.  These heartfelt toasts gave us an opportunity to show the impact that Sarah and Chip have had on one another, and on those around them.  The love and energy ran high the rest of the day as everyone let loose on the dance floor.  After a private last dance, Sarah and Chip were driven off in the same car that her grandfather drove to pick up Sarah's grandmother for their first date.  We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to tell their story!

IT IS AMAZING. Y'all killed it and we are so grateful to have such a special film to look back on for the rest of our lives! Seriously amazed and so grateful.


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